I have known and worked with Nancy over many years, working with her on a variety of health concerns. Unlike Acupuncturists and TCM specialists I’ve worked with in the past, Nancy takes the time to explore underlying issues, some from the distant past, to really get to the root of a problem. Thanks to her expert and highly personalized treatments I feel healthy, fit, and full of life and energy. Most importantly, I live entirely free of pain after a lifetime of surgery and medication. Nancy seems to have a way of turning the clock back - I feel better than I ever have in my life!
-Barbara Nalls, Vice President of TTR Sotheby's International Realty, Bethesda MD

I have seen Nancy recently. Nancy is like an emergency room staff all rolled into one! She has seen me through two bouts of first a cold and then the flu and both times I left there already feeling better and having turned a corner which.  I had a chest cold for three months which wasn't cured by cough medicines and finally antibiotics, but Nancy helped me heal from it in only three visits. I am a very experienced acupuncture patient from living in California, and I was seeing someone here, but she moved away. Nancy is more thorough than the other acupuncturists I've had and I feel like she really works hard to try and do everything she can to help me at each visit so  I can get the most out of it. She is definitely my acupuncturist now.                                                                         -Gary Harding, Alexandria, VA                                                                            


Rivers Mountains

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